Annual Luncheon 2019

HAT PEOPLE James Donovan, Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan, Rosemary Bindi Sanderson, Christine Skinkis McNees, Dennis G Yerkey, Connie Mamie Vlah.

Walnut cake

Thelma Wilson Lutes, Mary Etta Petras Mayak, Judy Martin Leach

Judy Martin Leach, Lola James Yerkey in foreground, Donna Hess Park in white blouse.

Judy welcoming everyone.

Ready to begin the program.

Agnes Perunko Magnone, Dennis Yerkey, Beatrice Christina Bradford.

John and Joy Gandley Bellicini.

Lola James Yerkey, friend Liz and Mary Dawson Nasim, Don Pelligrini, Bernice Schuster Pelligrini, Dan Wineland, Gloria Aulicino Wineland, Rosemary Bindi Sanderson, John Bellicini, Joy Gandley Bellicini.

Susie Wall McCann, Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan, James Donovan, Wilson Walters, Joan Walters, Connie Mamie Vlah, Bob Vlah, Debi (Chris’s daughter, Christine Skinkis McNees, Bob Hunter,

Rosemary Bindi Sanderson (“Mo to friends”) giving her 20 page work history open mic talk.

Joy Gandley Bellicini reminiscing.

More ‘Good old times’ talk.

Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan and James Donovan in “A really GRAPE hat” and “I am so alluring” hat.

Gloria Aulicino Wineland on the left and Rosemary Bindi Sanderson wearing her light-up hat.

Is it Pennsylvania Yerkey, or the Mad Hatter?

Dennis and Lola James Yerkey

Mary Dawson Nasim on the right and her friend Liz.

Thelma….decisions, decisions.

Pasta salad. Looks good and tasted better.

Wilson Walters, Christine Skinkis McNees, daughter Debi, Bob Hunter, Donna Hess Park and Agnes Perunko Magnone.

Bob Hunter, Donna Hess Park, Agnes Perunko Magnone, Wilson Walters.

Connie and Bob Vlah, Joan Walters, Christine, Bob, Donna and Agnes.

Thelma, Mary Etta and 50/50 winner Joan Walters.

After dinner conversation.

Don and Bernice Schuster Pelligrini.

Dan and Gloria Aulicino Wineland.

Mary Etta and Thelma awarding Wilson Walters his prize.

Judy, Thelma and Mary Etta. Is Judy going to do someone in?

Lola….a winner.

Cut that cake !

Thelma, Judy and Donna.

Dennis and two of his tomatoes from his “Monster Plant”.

Dennis and James (wearing his fish shirt), accepting his high bid tomatoes.

Mary Etta Petras Mayak, Connie Mamie Vlah, Joy Gandley Bellicini, Judy Martin Leach, Agnes Perunko Magnone, Beatrice Christina Bradford, Bob Hunter, Dan Wineland, Gloria Aulicino Wineland, Back Row – John Bellicini, Don Pelligrini, Mary Dawson Nasim, Bernice Schuster Pelligrini (Bangs only) Christine Skinkis McNees, Donna Hess Park, Thelma Wilson Lutes, Dennis Yerkey, Rosemary Bindi Sanderson, Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan, Susie Wall McCann, James Donovan, Wilson Walters.



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