A Cat Story

A cat story entitled “Six Weeks Later”    by DGY

My Mother in Law, Mary 87, has been with us for the last several months.

She paid Southwest $95.00 each for two cats and one dog to fly them from Tampa to Pa under a seat.

A few days after she arrived, Roy the Siamese, busts out and heads for the woods.  We searched and searched, but no Roy.  I eMail noticed 163 homes on the Woods mailing list. No Roy, although he is now the talk of the plan. Everyone was looking for him including the postal delivery lady in a truck.

Fast forward six weeks.  We start getting calls from neighbors of cat sightings.

After giving up as a lost cause, I told Lola let’s give it one more try since there were sightings.  We walked through the lower street back yards that adjoined the woods and heard a pathetic meow.  It was blue eyed Roy!  However, we could not capture him as he would run deeper into the woods.

A neighbor saw what was going on and volunteered his raccoon trap which worked nicely when baited with tuna.  The next morning Roy was in the trap and heading home.  We had him checked and dipped for fleas and ticks…..none found….and the truth is that he was in very good shape.  We think our neighbor Doug may have been feeding and giving him water.

So, all is back to normal after being in the woods for 6 weeks.  Mary is reunited with Roy. The neighbors can stop looking for a cat. And, most of all, I do not have to listen to Mary asking me if I found Roy at least ten times a day.  LOL

Blue eyed Roy is back after six weeks.


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