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To MHS 1958 classmates,

A quick thank you to all those who attended the 60th reunion and to the many who helped in any way.  Classmates commented on the good time, the good food, and good fun talking with one another.   I realize the room was a bit crowded, but more attended than we expected.  Next year will be the 2019 annual luncheon, usually in September, at the River House in Charleroi, for lunch, cake, and a good time.

You most likely have received your DVD/photo by now.  Just take a minute to notice how young we all look.  ;-)  Truthfully, we have aged well, and still have our ability to enjoy one another.  Till next year when we get together again; live, love, laugh, and God Bless.

Judy Leach


From Ruth Ann Hemmings MacDougal:
“Thank you” to the reunion committee for sending me the picture, DVD and program from the 60th reunion.  I truly appreciate you thinking of me and gifting me with this treasure.
God bless the committee for all your work.  Have a truly blessed new year.
Ruth Ann Hemmings MacDougal


I wish I could have attended. John had Dental surgery on the 24th of Sep. and the biopsy report was given to us on Monday Oct.1st. He wasn’t in any shape to travel. By the way the report came back– no Cancer. I feel bad that you were not able to attend. You do so much work for our class. Just glad to hear it wasn’t for any health reasons.
I really enjoyed the class Photo. Thank you for sending that to all of our classmates.
John and I are going on our third Cruise this year– next month. We came to Bethel Park in June. I got to see all my neighbors and friends from my old neighborhood. My Grandson graduated from Baldwin High School. It was a fun week.

It would have been great if I was able to come to PGH for the reunion. It was John’s 82nd birthday(Oct.1) my son’s 50th birthday (Oct.2nd) and his 19th Wedding Anniversary Oct.1st)– Plus the class reunion. We were going to celebrate. Things never seem to work out the way you want them .
I am glad everyone had a great time.
Always Jane McNamee Lengyel


Patty and I had a great time at the reunion.  For me, the best part of the reunion was the opportunity to have long talks with people and share our life experiences.  We have some talented, smart, educated, and hard working people in our class.  Many have been successful and most have raised wonderful families.  Conversations were stimulating and enjoyable.  I have not been around any other group that I would rather socialize with.  All of the class of ’58 should be proud of themselves and their classmates.  I know I am proud to be a small part of a terrific group.

Best to all in the future, John Allen


“I had a great time at the reunion.  The food was wonderful and plenty of it!  So nice seeing classmates again.  I was, however,  disappointed we didn’t have an open mic, as I was  prepared.  No problem, I’ll be ready again next time. Thank you Reunion Committee for yet another well organized and thought out get together.  You are to be commended for your hard work and efforts.  They did not go by unnoticed.  You are very much appreciated!

Rosemary Bindi Sanderson


I was both happy that I attended the reunion but also a bit disappointed that it was so overly crowded that I did not get to talk to very many classmates.   It would have been nice to have some of the classmates involved in a program in some way.  It seemed like a yearly reunion instead of a 60th.  We are still a young at heart group and a bit more than just food, although it was good, would have been nice.  I don’t think I am the only one to feel this way.  I will be attending future reunions and hope for the best.   I noticed Judy mentioned it was free, but a small fee would be preferable for more comfort.  Just my thoughts.

Christine Skinkis McNees

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