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From Beverly Williams Fleming:

I have lived in Finleyville for over forty years.  I have twenty acres adjoining my parents’ twenty acres.  We all raise Beagles and compete in Beagle Field Trials.  I was secretary-treasurer of the Pennsylvania Association of Beagle Clubs for twenty-five years.  There were about ninety clubs in Pennsylvania.  I just gave my secretary-treasurer job of fifty years at the New Eagle Beagle Club to my daughter Niki. I have been to most states in the East and South due to attending dog shows.  We have had State Champion Beagles many times.

I also worked as a hairdresser for fifty-one years.

My parents are deceased but my brother Alfred lives with me now.  He is also very active with Beagles.  You might say we have all gone to the dogs!

Alfred was wounded fifty years ago, when he was nineteen, in Viet Nam.  His legs are really bad from being hit by a grenade.  Fifty years to the day (October 29 of last year, his business burned to the ground.  Alfred is a body man and his new garage is nearly done.

Niki is my only daughter.  She lives in Upper St Clair.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Duquesne University.  She worked at South Side Hospital where she met her husband, who was Chief of Staff.  He is a Vascular surgeon as well as a General surgeon.  He attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated from Mayo Clinic.  Niki manages her husnd’s two medical offices; one in Wheeling and one in McMurray.

Niki and her husband have two children.  Aja Nikole is currently doing her internship at a hospital in Atlanta.  Aja also attended Duquesne University and St. George University in the Bahamas.

Niki’s son Rhet Lindsay attended Allegheny College and is leaving in July to attend med school.

All in all everyone’s life in our family has been very good.  They have traveled the world from Dubai to Hawaii, cruised and had many luxury vacations.  I am not one to travel unless it is to a Field Trial with my dogs.

I hope I can get to the reunion to see everyone but it is around our busy dog schedule.

Have agood time if I don’t see you all.

Beverly Williams Fleming


From: Keith Wood

Tell everyone I send my best wishes


From: John and Elaine Panseri Gerboc

Say hi to everyone for us.  Boy, if John Conte could see how successful our class has been with our reunions and everyone!!


From:  Judy Yeager McFeely

I came upon this saying at Trax Farm and had to buy it.  It sits in my kitchen.  Thought you all might like it.


I know this really hit home for me.  My mind is still 21.




From:  David Burya

My thanks to the reunion committee, as well as best wishes for a great get together. I’d also like to share the chorus from and old Jimmy Buffett song.


“I’m growing older, but not up

My metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck

Let those winds of time blow over my head

I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead”


From:  Christine Skinkis McNees

Something about me?   Well I do like hats.    Belong to red hat society,  Black hat Sorority,  LOTH (ladies of the Hat) and love cowgirl hats, ball caps and well, all hats.


From Gary Wassel:

I worked 61 years from age 13 to 74 and visited 49 states. I’m still trying to find an excuse to go to Arkansas.

As to countries visited, the list includes Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, France, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana , and Namibia.

I was blessed to have worked as an auto dealer for manufacturers who believed in incentive trips as a means to increase sales.


From Jo Ann Drechsler Badzik:

Ray and I do a lot of volunteering. We have gone into Alg. Jell, did mission trips to Mexico and do a lot at our church.


From JamesRongaus:

I will not be able to make it to the reunion. I’m sorely disappointed, I just found out that I’ll be traveling and away.   Sue passed away in 2010 ( Martha Sue Cowan, MHS Class 1956). Sue was the light of my life after 52 years together, I miss her so very much.  I do get east in my travels regularly. I’ll call and we all, whomever, can do lunch and catch up on life. I’m so sorry. Hello and best wishes to all.  With love and prayers.


From Joann Adametz Heckman:

I was married 36 years with the same husband (one time was enough​). It  would have been 55 yrs this Sept

I have 5 children,​ 10 grand children​ who aren’t ready to settle down, so no great-grandchildren.

I do all my own yard work, and other things if I know how.

Aren’t I exciting ?


From Gloria Aulicino Wineland:

Neither Dan nor I  ‘came from money’ and we have worked very hard as most people do to get what we have and ‘where we are’.  Dan retired  from the steel mill and construction work. I am still driving school bus (38 years).We have been very blessed

with our family and we have some wonderful friends.  We thank God for every day that He has allowed us to live and for all that we have.

We want to thank very much the reunion committee who has worked so very hard for months to put this reunion together for us all and we look forward to seeing all of the classmates who are able to attend.


From Dan Wineland:


I left Monongahela high school to join the Air Force and spent four years in the service; while  in my last year of the Air Force stationed in Rapid City, South Dakota I registered at the Rapid City High school where I went for my ‘senior year’.  When I graduated the principal asked what I wanted the diploma to say–either Rapid City High School or Monongahela High School and I chose Monongahela -that is why I am ‘in the class of 1958’. (I am also invited to reunions for Rapid City high school as well as the class of 1954 for Monongahela).


From Ron Fedorchak:

Things I miss because of physical issues:    Tennis, Golf and piloting airplanes.  Both Sally (my wife) and I have private licenses
I also have commercial, multi-engine, instrument and 20 hrs into my CFI (certified flight instructor).

I have over 850 hours logged flying.


From Robert Roule:

I’ve visited 15 countries: Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

I have lived in 7 states: Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina,  Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

How far do I live from Monongahela? I’ve never left. My soul still resides along the banks of Pigeon Creek and the Monongahela River in the Catsburg section of Mon City.(Catsburg runs from Pigeon Creek to Factory Street. Some of the old Catsburg Mine’ housing are still standing west of the city water works.) I think Al Michaels is a great sportscaster, but I could kick his butt every time he mispronounces Monongahela, something he does every time he announces a Steelers game in Pittsburgh.

I swam in the the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea. Actually, the Dead Sea was like trying to swim in Jell-O.


From Phyllis Ann Rankin Hann:

What have I been doing since 1958?  I quit biting my nails in 1974–gave up long hair in 1982.

I have had 17 surgeries since 1946—only had sex with one man –(don’t tell Stan).

I never dreamed I would see the year 2000—thought 60 was old–

I never thought I would live to 78—now I am aiming for 87–

My body is falling apart but my mind is sharper than ever, except for remembering names, and where everything is hiding in my house that I put there but alas the hiding from me is to keep me so sharp.–

What I miss most are the 50’s,the 60’s,the 70’s,the 80’s,the 90’s, –they were such good years with so many good memories and some sad but compared to what the generations after ours have gone through and still are, we had it made because we all were and still are the best of friends.


From Joan Johnston Paolini:

I love to golf.  I work at the greatest golf club and get to golf free.  Sorry I can’t be there with you to celebrate 60 years!  Wow- are we getting old?  Have fun!


From Bill and Sandy Pritchard:

Bill and I are well and enjoying traveling, mutual and separate hobbies and grandchildren.  Thank you for thinking of us.

It is hard to believe how long ago we graduated from high school; my high school memories are tucked way back in my memory bank.  I graduated the year after Bill.

Stay well!!


From Mary Kay Leeper Qualls:

Sorry I won’t be able to make the reunion.  I’m still working a full time job and the dates do not fit my schedule.  I hope all of you have a great time, I know I enjoyed the 50th and this one should be as good.

I now have a total of eight great-grandchildren, ranging from 19 to 2.  I inherited four when my grandson married a woman with four children.  The oldest lives in Texas and is going to college.  None of the others live here so I don’t see them often enough.

Hope you all have a great time at the reunion.


From Jane McNamee Lengyel:

I won’t be able to attend the 60th Class Reunion. I know you all will have a great time. Give my Hi’s and love to all.
Please remind our classmates that I live in beautiful sunny Florida with 2 guest rooms.
Take care and Lots of Love


From Patty Hillman Peters:

I am putting together some info for the reunion.  We are sending a check to Judy Leach for the photo/DVD and a little extra donation for what ever you may need it for.  Traveling long distances is not possible these days.  Wish we could attend as we always have enjoyed past reunions with your classmates. We often talk about our classmates 57/58 as great friendships that still endure. Hope you guys have a great turnout, have a lot of fun and enjoy the moment.


From Mary Lu Borello Oskin:


A  short note to update.  We are still able to golf and jitterbug (where we are in FL in the winter we have oldies music both outdoors and

indoors every day weather permitting).  We do go to the gym three days a week (not to look good but to keep the body parts working) so

we can be active and travel.  Some of the trips we have done were South Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Italy, London, Paris and Geneva,

Bermuda, riverboat cruise Amsterdam to Budapest.  Still have a few trips on our bucket list.


I would like to commend the committee for the excellent job keeping our class in touch and up to date and organizing the reunions.  Keep up

the good work, it’s appreciated.


My best wishes to all my classmates and have a wonderful reunion.  Hard to believe it’s been 60 years.

From Shirley Robison Fabin:

I have lived in the Monongahela area for the past 53 years and have sung in the Riverview Baptist Church for 48 years.


From Suzi Wall McCann:

I appreciate returning back “home” to Mon City.  This will always be my roots.  It is so nice for me to have been part of the “Lunch Bunch” several times.  It is always good to hang out together and catch up.


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