Everybody Loves Pittsburghese

Here’s another big pile of Pittsburghese.

You know you will be laughing.

You know you used a lot of these words.

Afuhgan Afghan/blanket. Jawn’s gawn an gin his afuhgan. (Submitted by Chris Sullivan, Media, PA)
Ahr Hour. What ahr does da game start? (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
Allegheny Whitefish Condom floating down the river. Look at the Allegheny whitefish (Submitted by Jerry Trombino, McKeesport, Pa)
Alunamin Aluminum. Dis can of arn’s made outta alunamin. (Submitted by Ralph Gutowski, Oxford, OH)
Am-blee-unce Ambulance. The weehickle that’s takes you to the hospital. (Submitted by Jennifer VanGorder, Port Allegany)
Angioplastic Angioplasty (a balloon procedure of a coronary artery to enlarge the blood vessel obstructing flow to the heart muscle). The doc just did angioplastic on my heart, he also put in a stint (english word stent). (Submitted by John Columbus, Oakdale)
Arn Iron. Pittsburghers usually pump or drink theirs. (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
Artheritis Arthritis. She’s suffrin from artheritis. (Submitted by Georgianne Smith, Pleasanton, CA)
Ashfalt Asphalt. (Submitted by George Porter III, WV Wesleyan College)
Babushka Scarf worn on head to keep aht the chill. (Submitted by Carol Jarosz, Lawrenceville)
Baffroom Bathroom. Ma, I hafta goto da baffroom real bad! (Submitted by Jay Mohney, Columbia, MD)
Battry Battery. He had to by a new battry for his camera. (Submitted by Kathy Hessling, Honesdale, PA)
Bawdle Bottle. Gimme a bawdle of arn! (Submitted by Hank Smoot, Springfield)
Bawnavill Bonneville. Yoi, the blinkers ain’t workin in the bawnavill! (Submitted by Dan Ghirardi, North Hill, Pgh. Pa.)
Beer garten Beer Garden. Saloon, bar, bar & grill. Gonna go to the beer garten and git me an arn. (Submitted by Dave Bodkin, Cumming, GA)
Bess Buys Best Buy. I bought a stireo at Bess buys on Mcnightmare Rd in da hills. (Submitted by Jim Johnson, Youngstown)
Beyoura Bureau (chest of drawers, dresser). Put yer worsh up in yer beyoura! (Submitted by Eileen Stana, Orlando, FL)
Bidness Business. It ain’t none of your bidness what I’m doone. (Submitted by Maryann Donovan, Pittsburgh)
Bir Beer. What kinda bir isat? (Submitted by Damian Wargo, Mt. Washington)
Birfday Birthday. Wes went to dah eaten park an gotta boof for my birfday (Submitted by Kristy Noschese , Forest Hills)
Bitzle A piece of dirt on the floor. Hey yinz kids better pick up ’em bitzles yinz left on da floor. (Submitted by Jim Boston, Pittsburgh)
Blinkers Turn Signals. It is rumored that in some cities, people use these devices on their cars to warn other drivers that they are about to make a turn. Why anybody would want to do this is unknown. (Submitted by Kevin Madzia, Pittsburgh)
Bob wahr Barbed Wire. Da former put up a bob wahr fence to keep aht da woofs. (Submitted by Rick Wentley, West Palm Beach, FL)
Bobos Shoes (generic). Hey…look at those bobos John is wearing. (Used this mainly back in grade school…about 10 years ago) (Submitted by Alicia, North Braddock (Pittsburgh), Pa)
Bollice Food that is left sitting on people’s plates that someone else eats.. Hey, can I eat your bollice? (Submitted by Kristen Huth, Sarver, PA)
Bootyparler Hairdresser’s place of business.. M’air needs doon n’at, so’s awl be goein’ dahntahn te de bootyparler. (Submitted by John Arthurs, Plymouth, MA)
Brawl Ladies undergarment . Dey sil pritty brawls dawn et Victorias Sikrit. (Submitted by Janabana, Bedford VA )
Breffis The first mill of the day. Yinz better eetcher breffis! (Submitted by Jim Warren, Youngstown, OH)
Brights High Beams (Car Lights). When you’re driving at night and another car comes, you better turn off your brights so you don’t blind them. (Submitted by Cristin, University of Pittsburgh)
Bring it dahn a thahsnd! Bring it down a thousand! Or Quiet down.. Hey, yinz bring it dahn a thahsnd! (Submitted by Dan Holland, Friendship ‘n ‘at)
Brudder Brother. Yinz can’t leave until yinz apologize to your brudder. (Submitted by Doug O’Donnell, Lawrence, PA)
Brum Whatcha sweep wid. Put dat brum away afore somewun trips overrit (Submitted by Janabana, Bedford Va)
Buggy Shopping Cart. I think dere’s some room in the buggy for a couple more arns! (Submitted by Tom Sims, Wexford)
Bumbershoot Umbrella. Joe said it’s gonna be partly clah-dy an’ mahld, but I’m takin’ the bumbershoot anyhow. (Submitted by Patrick Market, St. Louis, MO)
Burm Side of the Road, Shoulder. Git aht! Y’inzer drivin on da burm of da road! (Submitted by Christopher Boyd, Cranberry Township, PA)
CEEE-ment Cement. That stuff your driveway is made of. (Submitted by Dave Peterson, West Mifflin)
Caach Couch. (Submitted by Roger Leonard, Philadelphia, PA)
Cadillac converter catalytic converter. “Yinz guyz need to git the cadillac converter fixed if yinz’r gonna pass the emishuns test!” (Submitted by Mike Muiznieks, Atlanta, GA)
Cahmera Chevy Camero. (Submitted by George Porter III, WV Wesleyan College)
Cahntdahn Countdown. Yinz did a New Year’s Eve cahntdahn. (Submitted by Matt Reynolds and Justin Wier, New Castle, PA)
Cahny County . We live in Allegeny Cahny. (Submitted by Bob Miller, Galeton, PA)
Caketown Mount Lebanon. Synonym for Lebo, as used by Dormont ‘n Shannon kids. (Submitted by Chauncey Ross, Indiana, PA)
Cammra Camera. Da ting ya take picktures wiff. (Submitted by Russ Chiodo, Fallston, PA)
Canipshun To have a fit or get upset. Don’t have a canipshun. (Submitted by Joanne Otley Waite, New Orleans)
Carbarn Where they used to park the streetcars at night. (Submitted by Vince Joyce, Wilkinsburg)
Carbon Oil Kerosene. Yinz got any carbon oil ta clean ‘a filter on da lahn more? (Submitted by Phil McElwee, North Versailles PA)
Carline Old street car line or main street. Gidahn the carline n maka right at Big Bird. (Submitted by Cathie Summers Soisson, Maui, Hawaii)
Carndaug Corndog. Get yours today at the “O”! (Submitted by Andrew Young, Oakland)
Caw-idge College (the l’s are silent). Yinz go to caw-idge? (Submitted by “R&R”, Pitt)
Cawner Lady Corner lady — prostitute;hooker. We saw some cawner ladies. (Submitted by Kristen, irwin)
Celr Cellar. That thing under the house. As in “Go down celr and stick these clothes in the worshing machine.” (Submitted by Dennis Hazlett, Sante Fe, NM)
Cender truck Cinder truck. Man it’s slippy out’der. I hope the cender truck comes. (Submitted by Jerry “Zac” Zaccone, Palm Harbor, FL)
Chimley Chimney. Dat der chimley needs cleaned aht. (Submitted by Robert Levin, Mahnt Plezzent)
Chipped Chopped Ham Very thinly sliced ham. Put it in yer Sammitch! (Submitted by Dana Klasnick Pepenella, Port Richey FL)
Chivy Like a ’57 chivy. Perhaps a camaro, a ‘vette, an impala; you know, a Chevy or a Chevrolet. (Submitted by Bill Skillcorn, Woodberry Forest, VA)
Church key A bottle opener. Usually carried by a still worker to open his ahrn city beer diring his break. (Submitted by Frederick, W. Kuehner, Homestead)
Cinstruction Process used to build or repair things. (Submitted by Kevin Brezler, Harrison City, PA)
City Chicken Pork cubes on a skewer, breaded and fried. (Submitted by Ed Thoma, Laurel, MD)
Clicker Remote control. Hun, I can’t turn on the Stiller game ’cause the clicker got lost under the pillas in the caach! (Submitted by John Hoke, White Oak, PA)
Clodhoppers Work boots. (Submitted by Roger Leonard, Philadelphia, PA)
Clothes Press Closet. I’m going to put my clothes in the clothes press. (Submitted by J. Pease, Cleveland, OH)
Cole Cool. Weather that’s naht haht, also what ya heat yur hause with. (Submitted by Rick Sunny, Napa, CA)
Concreek Concrete. (Submitted by Brad Novic, Murrysville)
Cooshin Cushion. Usually a throw pillow tossed on the sofa or the actual padded seat that comes with the sofa. (Submitted by Bill Skillcorn, Woodberry Forest, VA)
Court Quart. I need a court of milk from the store. (Submitted by Helen Leganza, Arleta, CA)
Cream rinse Conditioner. I need some cream rinse so I can worsh my hair! (Submitted by Brandi, McKeesport)
Crick Creek. Turtle Crick for example. (Submitted by Mike Ladue, Chardon, Ohio)
Cubbord Cupboard. Get dem highball glasses outta da cubbord. (Submitted by Pat Paris, Naples, FL)
Cucky An organic gooey substance. Ends up on a Kleenex, toiwet paper, or paper tahl. (Submitted by Moe Falce, Butler)
Culde sock Cul de sac. The kind of dead end street that ends in a turn-a-round. (Submitted by Christopher, Pittsburgh)
Cupny Company, visitors. Redd up the house, ’cause cupny’s coming. (Submitted by Mary Panza, Seattle, WA)
Cut Slice of pizza. I always got blank stares at pizza places outside Pittsburgh when I asked for “two cuts of pepperoni.” (Submitted by Aaron Sobol, Squirrel Hill)
Cuzint My aunt and uncle’s child. (Submitted by Luke Paglia, Pittsburgh)
Da Dunner Bolt The Thunder Bolt at Kennywood Park. After riding da Still Phannom yinz wanna rid da Dunner Bolt? (Submitted by Keith Malarik, Clemson SC)
Dahntahn Downtown, the Golden Triangle. Take a PAT bus dahntahn. (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
Dahtlets The Factory Outlet Stores. Yinz goin’ up Grove Ctiy ta shop at Dahlets? (Submitted by Craig Paul, Seven Fields, PA)
Davenport Sofa or couch. Get the dog offa da DAVENPORT. (Submitted by Rick Brouwer, McMurray)
Dee-shus Dishes. (Submitted by Joe Betz, Westmoreland County)
Dennis Dentist. Umunna go tada DENNIS ta git dis toot fiwwed. (Submitted by Darlene Fejka, Moon Township)
Din-ggy (with a hard g sound) A small boat or dinghy. He fell outa da dinggy. (Submitted by Kathy Hessling, Honesdale, PA)
Dinge A Dent. That shopping cart put a dinge in my fender. (Submitted by Diane Briant, Pittsburgh)
Dish soap Dishwashing liquid. (Submitted by Margie, Pittsburgh)
Doe Nit Doughnut. Pick me up a dozen doe nits. (Submitted by Brian Walter, Austin, TX)
Dog Box Dog house. I just built a new dog box. (Submitted by Tom Halliday, Greensburg)
Doohickey Object you can’t name at the present time. “Get me that’er doohickey off the shelf.” (Submitted by Mikel Lynn Davis, Dickinson, TX)
Dowas Dallas. Yinz goin’ to da Steewarz/ Dowas game? (Submitted by Rich, Columbus, Ohio)
Dower Dollar. I’ll buy ya an Arn. I gotta dower. (Submitted by Cindy Henkel Marszal, Austin, TX)
Drawling Drawing. Where zat drawling for at assembly? (Submitted by Ron Roberts, Carnegie)
Druthers A choice. If I had my druthers, I’d be drinking ahrn and watching dem Stillers rather than working n ‘at. (Submitted by Russell Weisfield, Madison, WI)
Dunkey Donkey. (Submitted by Doug Boarman, Cleveland, OH)
Dupa Your back side. Smooth as a baby’s dupa! (Submitted by Joe Shaughnessy, University of Deleware)
Dust bunnies Blobby, dusty things found under beds and sofas. (Submitted by Mrs. G. Blau, Phoenix, AZ)
Eer Error. A throwing eer charged to the picher. (Submitted by Rodger Gergacs, Chesterland, OH)
Erol Oil. We better check da erol before we head for da Burgh! (Submitted by Mickey, New Castle, PA)
Eve-spouting Gutter. The eve-spouting is full of leaves. (Submitted by Jeff Phenicie, Richmond, VA)
Face Rag Wash cloth. Yinz better get a clean face rag from the cubbard and worsh your faces!!!! (Submitted by Cindy Baacke, Largo FL)
Fahr Fire. Ay, yinz all get ahtta here, ‘ere’s a fahr dahnsters! (Submitted by Allen Kitchen, Mt. Lebanon)
Farkleberry Tart A mystery fruit pastry pawned off by KDKA at Christmas time. (Submitted by Jeff Johnson, Ulysses, NE)
Feesh Fish. I cud gofer a good feesh sammich! (Submitted by Dave Plevelich, Mesa, AZ)
Fiddy-fiv sint Two quarters and a nickel. (Submitted by , )
File (or fahl) ball A foul ball, possibly at a Pirates game. At softball or baseball games in Cambria Co. everybody yells, “File!” (Submitted by Lynne Washington, Raleigh, NC)
Filled Field. Remember Forbes Filled? (Submitted by Rebecca Smiley, Rossiter, PA)
Fillings Feelings. What gets hurt when people boo. (Submitted by Natey, Reading, PA)
Filum Film. I need filum to take pitchers of da fahrworks. (Submitted by Joan Stevenson, Point Breeze, PA)
Fire Tire Fire Tower. Hey, yinz wanna go upta da fire tire? (Submitted by John DeMillion, West Chester, PA)
Fiscul Thirpy Physical Therapy. Yinz git your fiscal thirpy dahntahn? (Submitted by Alison Show and George Tanner, Morgantown, WV)
Fishheads Ugly, generic “no-name-brand” sneakers. Look, Walt’s wearin’ fishheads! (Submitted by Jim Singer, Pittsburgh)
Flahr Flower. Da flahrs are rilly pretty. (Submitted by Roger Dearborn, Monroeville, PA)
Flip flops Those shoe things. Gimme my flip flops so I can run out an get da mell. (Submitted by Ed Novak, Michele Swick, Irwin)
Foot Feet. That wall is eleven foot high. (Submitted by Stu Shugerman, Scott Township)
Fridgedare Refridgerator. Grab me a sammitch outta da fridgedare! (Submitted by Dawn Popovich, Munhall)
Fuud Food (“pudd”-ing). Yinz kids put da fuud on da table so we cans eat! (Submitted by Kristan Bryja Berto, Pittsburgh)
Galumbki Stuffed Cabbages. Let’s et galumkis and chipped ham sammiches. (Submitted by Sue, Florida)
Garbidge Garbage. If yinz er goin, put aht the garbidge. (Submitted by Bob Crispen, Decatur, AL)
Garter Garter snake. Djew see dat garter snake onna rock? (Submitted by Keith Mikesell, Alvin, TX)
Ghetto Sleigh Pat Bus. I gotta go catch da ghetto sleigh inna half-ahr (Submitted by Nicole B., Clairton)
Gob Snack consisting of two large round soft chocolate cookies with white creme filling in between. Common at bake sales and convenience stores in western Pa.. They have gobs for sale at Sheetzes. (Submitted by Mary Ann Smith, Newport News, VA)
Graaj Garage. The room under your house where you keep the car. “Q: Where d’yinz keep the tolls? A: Danhna graaj.” (Submitted by Shaun Martin, New York, NY)
Grasscutter Lawn mower. Yinz get a new grasscutter?? (Submitted by Jeff Molnar, Summersville, WV)
Grinny A chipmunk. Hey, lookit dat grinny up air on at rock! (Submitted by Joe Sestrich, North Side)
Gum Elastic. The gum on my underwear has totally streched out! (Submitted by Corlis Gwynn, Westminster, CA)
Gumband Rubber bands. Da gumband snapped. (Submitted by Everybody, Everywhere)
Gutcheez Underwear. Yinzer laffin’ cause my gutcheez n’at er showin. (Submitted by Anthony J. Aglio, Mon Valley)
Haf-Ahr Half an Hour. Haf-Ahr til the Pens ihr on. (Submitted by Corie Stewart, Lancaster)
Hankerin Need or want. I got a HANKERIN for a beer. (Submitted by Amy & Bobby DeaVer, Connellsville)
Hanky Handkerchief. (Submitted by Tom Mullen, North Huntingdon)
Hans Hands. Your hans need worsht. (Submitted by Michelle Christopher, Pittsburgh)
Haus Your place of residence. Are yinz comin dahn my haus to watch the Stiller’s game? (Submitted by Michele Donofrio, Pittsburgh)
Haus Kote House coat. A short robe that snaps up the front which older women wore around the haus to redd up en runna sweeper. (Submitted by C. Logan, Morristown, NH)
Haus painer What you need if you don’t have vinyl siding. (Submitted by Bob Crispen, Decatur, AL)
Hawliday Holiday. Chritsmas is my favorite hawliday. (Submitted by Ray Rupp, Cranberry Township, PA)
Heighth Height. What’s the heighth of the Incline? (Submitted by Jim Singer, Pittsburgh)
Heinz 57 Mutt Dog. Your dog is a Heinz 57! (Submitted by Victoria Lewit, San Francisco)
Heinzes Anything made by H.J. Heinz. Someone pointed out that you tell a native Pittsburgher by the fact that he/she always pronounces it “Heinzes.” (Submitted by Bonnie Madre, Hampton Roads, VA)
Hershey Bud A Hershey Kiss. (Submitted by Linda Troyer, Grand Rapids, MI)
Hills Heels. I’m wearing high hills to the wedding. (Submitted by Terey Allen, Detroit, MI)
Hizzy Extreme emotional outbreak. Dahn have a hizzy. (Submitted by William Dunmire, McKees Rocks)
Hoagie A big sandwich. Like a Submarine or Dagwood (Submitted by Lorena Ivey, Indiana, PA)
Hocker When you clear your throat and spit. I shot a hocker. Also known as a “Greenie.” (Submitted by Vince Joyce, Wilkinsburg)
Hodbeerr Hot Beer. Beer with hot sauce poured in it! ACK!!!!! (Submitted by T Brian, Perth, Australia )
Hollah Hollow. A narrow valley e.g. Panther Hollah. (Submitted by Mark Yockey, Holliston, MA)
Hoosafratz Mechanical Device. Da guy at da garage sez the hoosafratz is busted ‘n dey gotta get one from da deawr. (Submitted by Kevin Wells, Harmony)
Hork Steel. I dint lock up mah bike an someone horked it. (Submitted by Keith Campbell, Wheeling WV)
Hot Pad Oven mitt. Git me de hotpads sos I ken git the chicken outa de oven. (Submitted by C. Parry, Southview)
Hun or Hon Honey. Used at local Pittsburgh eat spots by “more mature” women with silver blue hair in a beehive. (Submitted by Paul G. Wiegman, Allison Park)
Hunky Hand Grenade Stuffed cabbage rolls. Load me up wit one a dem der hunky hand grenades k. (Submitted by Dan DeWoody, Orlando FL)
Hunnert The number after 99. (Submitted by Larry Wichterman, Everett, PA)
Iceball Snowcone. (Submitted by Tom Mullen, Irwin, PA)
Icebox Refrigerator. Grab me an arn out of the icebox! (Submitted by Jim Boston, Pittsburgh)
Icening Frosting that goes on a cake. (Submitted by Diane Plevelich, Mesa, AZ)
Igl Eagle. Look at dat giant igl! (Submitted by Mike Spears, Charleroi, PA)
Imp ‘n Arn Iron City beer and a shot of Imperial Whisky. The stillworkers’ favorite beverage! (Submitted by A.V. Allen, New Kensington)
In-dins Indians. What a Pittsburgher calls a Native American. “Hey Mum, we went aht to Oklahoma an saw all them rilly neat Indin places. Ah the kids just went buzzerk, they liked it n’at!” (Submitted by Lynne Riedell, Tinker AFB, OK)
Innerductshun Introduction. dija read that innerductshun to da book? (Submitted by R.T. Gault, Tullahoma Tn)
Innernet Internet. Last night, my buddies and me found a cool site on da Innernet. (Submitted by Tony DeRenzo, Dormont)
Intendo Nintendo. Yinz bitter stop playin’ that Intendo so much or yinz’ll ga blind. (Submitted by Sharon Brown, Lower Burrell)
Jag off One who jags around. Jerk. Introduced to the world by Michael Keaton on David Letterman. (Submitted by Rick Weinstein, Pittsburgh)
Jaggerbush A plant with thorns. Somebody cut dat jaggerbush! (Submitted by Eric Scott, Harrison City, PA)
Jaggers Thorns. Don’t brush up against any jaggers. (Submitted by Bill Robertson, Kennedy Township)
Jagwire An expensive British luxury car. Dat guy mus be rich cus he drives a Jagwire n’at. (Submitted by Reid Muchler, Mentor, OH)
Jell Jail. Where the police put you after you’re arrested. (Submitted by Terey Allen, Detroit, MI)
Jimmies Sprinkles. The chocolate or multi-colored toppings on your ice cream cones or cookies. (Submitted by Andrea Iacone, Pittsburgh)
Johnstown Pants Used to describe pants that are too short. Better known as “Flood Pants” (Submitted by Rodger Gergacs, Chesterland, OH)
Jresser Dresser. A place where you put cloes after they’re worshed and dried. (Submitted by Marty King, Pittsburgh)
Juggler Large life-supporting vein in one’s neck, the cutting of which may lead to death. (Submitted by Shari Desalvo, Lakewood, OH)
Juhllery Jewelry. Ja git dat juhlery at Raws Park Mah? “Yeah, er’s a sale at Pennys n’at.” (Submitted by Lisa Deter, Cincinnati, OH)
Jumbo Bologna. I just et jumbo on a Hoagie roll. (Submitted by Mark Sekelick, Napa, CA)
Keller Color. Dems Pittsburgh teams have the best kellers — black en gold (Submitted by Jim Kratsas, Grand Rapids, MI)
Kennywood outfits When people walk around Kennywood an’at with the same outfits on. (Submitted by Laura & Josh, Washington, PA)
Kennywood signs Road signs that direct you to Kennywood park. If yinz follow the Kennywood signs ‘ya won’t git lost. (Submitted by Christine & Lynn, West Mifflin, PA)
Ketch Catch. Let’s go out back and play ketch with the ball or as my dear mother-in-law would say “You better put on a hat or you’re gonna ketch a cold!” (Submitted by Cathy, Glassport)
Kilbassa Goes great with a cold arn. (Submitted by Bert Bossar, Erie, PA)
Kinnergarten Kindergarten. As in “It’s Winsday taday, ‘School Day.’ We flew out to Lay-trobe. It was a Beeuteeful day to fly in Chopper 4. We were greeted by Lay-trobe Grade School with students from kinnergarten to the 8th grade.” (Submitted by Peter C. Bellina, Morgantown, WV)
Kishin Kitchen. Kin ya bring me sumpin’ in from da kishin? (Submitted by Diana Wolf, New Jersey)
Kitch-ip Ketchup. The stuff heinz makes!! (Submitted by Michelle, Belle Vernon)
Kolbassi and Carp Pittsburgh Surf and Turf. Let’s go aht for kolbassi and carp to celebrate an at. (Submitted by Anna Marie Kish, Pompano Beach FL)
Kranz Crayons. Hey Sean, ya don et kranz, ya keller wid’ em! (Submitted by Jennifer Kunz, Los Angeles, CA)
Launtermat Laundermat. The place ya take your clothes to when the washin macheen breaks dahn. (Submitted by Lorraine Honeychuck, Pittsburgh)
Lebnen Bloney Lebanon Balogna. A lunchmeat made in Lebanon PA. “EH! Lets go upstreet to the Iggle and get some Lebnen bloney” (Submitted by Mark C. Burkhart, Brentwood)
Leggins Snow Pants. Yinz guys better put on your leggins. It’s blizzertin ahtside. (Submitted by Steve Brindle, Picksburgh)
Liberry Library. I’m gonna borrah a book from the liberry. (Submitted by Boyd Kowal, Arlington, VA)
Lice-ness License. I gotta get me a drahver’s lice-ness (Submitted by Boyd Kowal, Arlington, VA)
Lickin’ Spanking. If yinz kids don’ shudap, yer gonna git a lickin. (Submitted by Karen Rodrigues, Brazil)
Light Bill Electric bill. (Submitted by Teddy Antoon, Hopwood, PA)
Lind Land. As in Greenlind, Icelind, etc. (Submitted by Paul Pleczkowski, Mount Oliver)
Lish Leash. Git the dog lish and take that dog ferawalk. (Submitted by Karen Lee, Shaler)
Lit’l brudder Little brother. (Submitted by Jim Smith, Uniontown)
Litenin Bugs Lightning Bugs. Catch some litenin bugs in a jar. (Submitted by Gene Orringer, Chapel Hill, NC)
Lozenger Lozenge. (Submitted by Joy Buzzelli, Pittsburgh)
Lunch-head An idiot. Ya lunch-head! Ya bout hit da tellypole wid da cahmera! (Submitted by Mike Curran, Butler)
MU-se-um Museum. mu-SE-um anywhere else. (Submitted by Karen Rodrigues, Brazil)
Maahntins Mountains. (Submitted by Roger Leonard, Philadephia)
Mah Shopping Mall. Hey! Did yinz go to da Beaver Valley Mah yesterday? (Submitted by Rick Pantaleo, Washington, DC)
Mahles Miles. It’s jest a few mahles to Dahntahn. (Submitted by Stephe, Boston, MA)
Mahs A small furry rodent. I saw a mahs in da kitchen! (Submitted by James H. Jenkins, Fairborn, OH)
Mannies Marbles. Lets play a game of mannies. (Submitted by Emerick Buccigrossi, Allison Park, PA)
Masonary Masonry. Yinz kids are gonna squarsh yinz melons on the masonary wall if’n you don’t stop runnin’ around n’at! (Submitted by Mark Mills, Austin, TX)
Mayor Peter FLA HER TY Mayor Peter Flaherty. On the Noon News today, Bill Burns said, Today, Mayor Peter FLA HER TY announced that he would run for another term. (Submitted by Pat , Concord, CA)
Meal Mill. What ahr does the meal let aht? (Submitted by Tom Jacobs, Winter Park, FL)
Meer/Mirra Mirror. A refelective surface into which one peers while picking sammitch crumbs from ones beard. (Submitted by BC Winter, Bloomsburg, PA,)
Mel Male or Mail. To bad yinz can’t send an arn though the e-mel sos ahd have some fer the Stillers game. (Submitted by Bob Hollis, Naperville, IL)
Melk Milk. The white beverage that comes from a cow. (Submitted by Michael, and Susan Z., Pittsburgh)
Mellon Bowl Igloo/Civic Arena/Mellon Arena. Let’s go to the Mellon Bowl to see La-Muuuuand da Pens play. (Submitted by Lynn Stover, Savannah, GA)
Metamutual Metamucil. She uses Metamutual when she’s all bound up. (Submitted by Ernie Stefanik, Derry, PA)
Mile Miles. BoJo lives 4 or 5 mile down da road. (Submitted by Lee, Indiana, PA)
Mile Miles. The gas station is 5 mile dahn the road. (Submitted by Ray Wargovich, Marlton, NJ)
Mill Meal. Jumbo hoagies and pop–what a great mill! (Submitted by Emil Winterson, Jackson, MS)
Minced Ham Bologna. I just et a minced ham sammitch with ketchup (Submitted by Michael Hlebik, Erie, PA)
Monkey dumps Slate pile from coal mining. Want to go four wheelin on the monkey dumps? (Submitted by George Reeger, West Newton, PA)
Monongehela Highball Glass of tap water. Do yinz wan a Monongehela Highball? (Submitted by Anonomous, Florida)
Motorsickle Motorcycle. (Submitted by Teddy Antoon, Hopwood, PA)
Mum Mom. Used to refer to your mother, not the potted plant. “Hey mum, whachadoin’?” (Submitted by Sarah and Kattie, CMU, Pittsburgh)
Mundy, Tuesdy, Wensdy, Thursdy, Frydy, Sadurdy, Sundy How a Pittsburgher pronounces the days of the week. (Submitted by Lynne Riedell, Tinker AFB, OK)
Mup-ere Up here. As people In Erie Pa (The mistake by the lake), state when any of Pickburghers’ come into town, we’re mup-ere from the Picksburg. (Submitted by Dave Lightner, Harborcreek Pa)
Mush Ball Softball. (Submitted by Barbara Pompei, Sacramento, CA)
Nakin Napkin. Pass me anuther nakin mys been used! (Submitted by Mike Rayz, Carnegie)
Nanoleum Linoleum. We got a brand new nanoleum floor for da kitchen. (Submitted by Dave Dee, Seabrook, MD)
Nighturn A shift often called 11pm to 7am in other parts of the country. (Submitted by Julie Lucas, Kill Devil Hill, NC)
Old Frothingslosh The pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom. (Submitted by Jeff Johnson, Ulysses, NE)
Oleo Margarine. Git me a pahn of oleo at the Jynt Iggle. (Submitted by Lou Ammon, Wexford, PA)
Oral Oil. Your carz dun a quart of oral. (Submitted by D.Talmage, Youngstown,Ohio)
Orrnj A citrus fruit whose color is its name. Yinz wan some orrnj joose? (Submitted by Malanie Good, Irwin, PA)
Owl Aisle. The bride walks down the church owl. (Submitted by Nancy Bogus, Pittsburgh)
P’toot Functional portion of one’s lower rear anatomy. Used most often when indicating a surplus of a particular item. “Gumbans? Yeah, we got gumbans aht th’ p’toot dahn Jimmy’s office!” (Submitted by Kurt Haverstock, Murrysville)
Pahn Pound. I’ll take a pahn of chipped ham. (Submitted by Mark Heckleman, Chicora, PA)
Pahr Power. Most commonly used with the Stiller’s head coach. Cahr Pahr! (Submitted by M. Olczak, Plum Boro)
Paper Poke Paper bag. I filled my paper poke wit sammiches. (Submitted by Randy Burd, Pittsburgh)
Par Mir Power Mirror. Motorized reflective devices usually found on the side of a car at Biondi Lincoln Murkry in Monroeville (or perhaps a good game of golf on a Russian Space Station…) (Submitted by Dave Muir, )
Parking Chair A chair placed in the street to reserve a parking space. Usually it is a old wooden folding chair that is placed in crowded sections of the Burgh where parking spaces are sparse. (Submitted by Jeff Hayes, Pittsburgh)
Pawoohee Spider Web. Hey, use da broom to get those pawoohees down from da corners of da ceil’in. (Submitted by Debra Fountain, Houston, Texas)
Pee-nits Peanuts. Dey had good peenits on da plane (Submitted by S. K., DuBois, PA)
Peel Pill, like asprin etc. (Submitted by Brian Tucker, Middletown, MD)
Peenabudder Peanut Butter. Will you make me a peenabudder and jelly sammich? (Submitted by Teresa Cottrell, San Antonio, TX)
Per-scrip-shun Subscription. Yinz better cancel my perscripshun to that there paper before I git rill mad n’at! (Submitted by Robert DeSalvo, Los Angeles, CA)
Perv Pervert or perverted. Ya think ma wife should be able ta go dahn see ’em perv Chippendales? (Submitted by Abby Schiff, New York, NY)
Pie-anna Piano. The pie-anna needs tuned. (Submitted by Rich, Connecticut)
Pigs in a blanket or Hunky Handegrenades Stuffed cabbage. (Submitted by Rich Samanisin, McKeesport)
Pill Peal. Like orange peal etc. (Submitted by Brian Tucker, Middletown, MD)
Pillas Pillows. If yinz kids don’t redd up your room, I’m gonna throw dose pillas onnat bed aht da winda!! (Submitted by Kevin Gemeinhart, West Mifflin)
Pillinit shrimp Peal & Eat Shrimp. I could rilly gofer’n Arn n’some pillinit shrimp! (Submitted by Dave Dubin, Squirrel Hill)
Pin Pen. Gimme da ball point pin soze I can write yinz a check. (Submitted by Mike Curran, Butler)
Pisgetti Spaghetti. Yinz havn’ pisgetti for supper? (Submitted by Dave Dee, Seabrook, MD)
Pitcher Picture. I need filum to take pitchers at the Stillers Game (Submitted by Rick Weinstein, Pittsburgh)
Pitnic Picnic. I went to the pitnic at the park and drank too much Arn (Submitted by Jim Foley, Orange County, CA)
Pittsburgh Toilet Only a Picksburgher would have a toilet without a door in the middle of the cellar.. (Submitted by Jay Volk, Point Breeze)
Plowers Pliers . Hun, git the plowers, dis warsher needs tightened. (Submitted by Janabana, Bedford VA )
Poison Ivory Poison Ivy. I was aht trimmin the shrubs when I came uponsome poision ivory ‘n ‘at. (Submitted by Frank Allen, Crafton)
Pome Poem. A type of literature that sometimes rhymes. A “poem” is only one syllable in Pittsburgh. (Submitted by Melanie Good, Irwin, PA)
Pop Soda. My throat’s on fahr. Give me a pop. (Submitted by P. Reisker, Sewickley)
Pop Ahl Pop aisle. Check aht the pop ahl at that new Jine Iggle. (Submitted by Sam Theiner, Squirrel Hill)
Potata Potato. While yinz is dahn at Kennywood, yinz should get some eats at that there Potata Patch. (Submitted by Robert DeSalvo, Los Angeles, CA)
Pow Pile. Go and redd up that pow of stuff there (Submitted by Melissa, Minneapolis, MN )
Presspiration. Perspiration. The stuff on your forehead and in your pits when it’s 95 ahtside. (Submitted by Cynthia Walker, Covington, KY)
ProNOUNseeashun Pronunciation. I never know the right pronounseeashuns for them words. (Submitted by Susan Randolph, Monroeville)
Progie A Picksburgher’s delight, goes great with a cold arn and kilbassa. (Submitted by Bert Bossar, Erie)
Proll’em Problem. Since ‘dey put dat Kordell in ‘ere, da Stillers had all kindsa proll’ems. (Submitted by Cabbage & Rute, Kent)
Prostrate Prostate. My uncle has prostrate trouble. (I hope he doesn’t take it lying down.) (Submitted by Babe Turner, Washington, DC)
Pull Pool. When it gets hot aht, we swim in the pull. (Submitted by M. McDonough, Pittsburgh)
Punkin Pumpkin. It’s the Great Punkin, Charlie Brown! (Submitted by Brian & Frank Allen , Crafton)
Pwaht Pot. A receptacle used for cooking. “Make sher you worsh dat PWAHT you used.” (Submitted by Maryclare Stephens, Pittsburgh)
Quirpracter chiropractor. I got to git my back cracked at the Quirpracter (Submitted by Dr. Robert Bridge, Loveland, Colorado)
Raadiator Instead of “radiator” – with a long “a” sound. Rhymes with Gladiator. (Submitted by Craig Kelley, Los Alamos, NM)
Raffle Rifle . Go an git yer raffle son, were gowen huntin. (Submitted by Mark, Cleveland)
Raht Route. Head up raht 8 to north park club haus fer a coupla ahrns. (Submitted by Mike Metro, Philadelphia)
Red Dog A crushed stone used for a drive way before cement driveways. (Submitted by Dave Luebs, Sarasota, FL)
Relations I have relations living in the “burg” instead of saying relatives. (Submitted by Marilyn Hite, Ross Township)
Rigs-n-Pigs Rigatoni and pigs in a blanket. A common fire hall wedding reception main course. (Submitted by Shawnna Biondo, Chicago, IL)
Roller Ruler. Dats what yinz use when you want to make some straight lines, or when yinz don’t have a tape measurer. (Submitted by Mike Hagerty, Jacksonville, NC)
Rolly Coaster An amusement park ride. (Submitted by Terey Allen, Detroit, MI)
Rubbers Galoshes (spelling ?), overshoes. Better wear yourrubbers to keep the snow from getting in your shoes. (Submitted by Charles Craft, Columbia, SC)
Ruff Roof. When it rains the ruff leaks. (Submitted by Nick Vozza, Burgettstown)
Run Rat Someone hailing from the Hazelwood neighborhood.. Derived from the local crick known as “Nine Mile Run,” perhaps? (Submitted by John Arthurs, Plymouth, MA)
Sahrdee Saturday. Yinz goin aht sahrdee nite? (Submitted by Rick Walker, Penn Hills)
Sale Bills Weekly store advertisements in the paper. (Submitted by Samuel Varner, Colorado Springs, CO)
Sammitch Sandwich. . How’s about some pop with dat sammitch? (Submitted by Melinda Carver, Boston, MA)
Scroll A squirrel, or neighborhood east of dahntahn. I live in Scroll Hill. (Submitted by Todd Moniot, Squirrel Hill)
Selector TV Remote Control. (Submitted by Michael, South Hills)
Selid Salad. Hey, yinz want Rahnch on yer selid n’at? (Submitted by R Meyer, Picksburgh)
Sell Sale. A business promotional event: “Ameses got a sell on Terrible Tahls this Saturdy!” (Submitted by Chauncey Ross, Indiana, PA)
Sent Cents. Ya know, dis pop cost me fiddy-five sent! (Submitted by Allan Gereg, St. Clairsville, OH)
Serp Syrup. As in pancake serp (Submitted by Ed Russick, Rio Rancho, NM)
SewERage Sewage. Dahn the drain! (Submitted by Steve Bowser, West Newton)
Sewer Lid Manhole cover. As in street football huddle: “Billy, go long pass the tellypole, an’ Mike, cut back at da sewer lid an’ I’ll hitcha (pass the ball to you). On three!” (Submitted by Chauncey Ross, Indiana, PA)
Sgetti (or sketti) Spaghetti. Pour the pop, the sgetti’s almost done. (Submitted by Melissa Ruffo, Hudson, MA)
Shahr/Shire Shower. Are you going to take a shire now? (Submitted by Charles J. Schlotter, Los Angeles, CA)
Shanty Shed. Hey you go aht to da shanty and get the chubel (shovel). (Submitted by Ed Novak and Michele Swick, Irwin, PA)
Sheetrock Drywall. Do yinz guys sell sheetrock? (Submitted by Dom, Johnstown, PA)
Sherbert Sherbet. Let’s go dahn to Isaly’s, for some of dat orange sherbert. (Submitted by Michael Arnold, Franklin Park)
Shpegetti Spaghetti. Yinz wanta go dawn to da shpegetti dinner en at? (Submitted by Jardanian Josephs, Pittsburgh, PA)
Silver Top A Hershey Kiss. (Submitted by Ray Koenig, New Orleans, LA)
Skiw-et Skillet (the l’s are silent). Something you cook bacon in. “When my nephew went away to caw-idge, we gave him some pahts and pans and a skiw-et to cook stuff in, n’at.” (Submitted by Roger Hambright, Solon, OH)
Skiwrl Cage Squirrel Hill Cafe. Lets go up to da skwirl cage and git sum beer n’at. (Submitted by John DeLallo, Dormont)
Skull School. Wherjinz goata skull? I wenta Sah Sahd Hah.(Note: The vowel sound here is really a subtle regional blend, somewhere between “skull” and “school” that requires a native linguistic brewmaster to duplicate. (Submitted by Charles J. Schlotter, Los Angeles, CA)
Skyrafoam Styrafoam. Da beers in da skyrafoam cooler. (Submitted by Dave Dee, Seabrook, MD)
Sliding Board Slide. When I went dahn the sliding board, I fell on my dupa. (Submitted by Amanda Smith, Exton, Pennsylvania)
Slopjar Portable urinal. Empty that slopjar (Submitted by Dave Farkas, McKeesport, Pa)
SnickSnak A late-night dessert. After the movie let’s go get a snicksnak at Dairy Queen. (Submitted by Diane Briant, Pittsburgh)
Soap Powder Laundry Detergent. For some reason people West of Pa. haven’t heard of this term. (Submitted by Jeff Smith, Columbus, OH)
Soor Sewer. Darnit, the ball went dahnna soor. who’s goin ta get it? (Submitted by Chris Miskis, St. Vincent College)
Sore Storm drain. (Submitted by Monika, Germantown, MD)
Sped A dork, or just an annoying person. That stupid sped broke my pencil. (Submitted by Pam & Brandi, Bridgeville)
Spicket Water tap or spigot. Just drink right from the spicket. (Submitted by Walt Lundblad, Seattle, WA)
Spiggy Street sweeper machine. (Submitted by Joe Gribbin, Portage)
Spilly Pile Slag hills left over from strip mines. Lets go ride ahr bikes on dem spilly piles. (Submitted by Gregg Beynon, Jacksonville, Fl)
Sputzee Dem liddle brahn birds. (Submitted by Tom Mullen, North Huntingdon)
Squarsh Squash. From the gourd family of vegetables. (Submitted by Jennifer Kunz, Los Angeles, CA)
Stair-Steps Stairs. Watch yourself on the stair-steps, they’re slippy. (Submitted by Lee Duer, Chicago)
Stara baba (Pronounced “studda bubba”) Literally, “Old Woman”. It means so much more. Generally wears a babushka. If you’re shopping and you try something on,and your friend says “Git aht, ya look like a ‘studda bubba'”, this is NOT good! (Submitted by Melanie D, Pittsburgh)
Stationary Tub The laundry tub that the washing machine drains into. Such an obvious name for something bolted to the cellar floor! (Submitted by Jay Volk, Point Breeze)
Sticks In the country. Are yinz goin’ to visit your cuzins out in the sticks in Ahia, n’at? (Submitted by Allan Gereg, St. Clairsville, OH)
Still Steal. Dat bargain was a still! (Submitted by Will Morrison, Brentwood)
Still Mills Steel Mills. Years and years ago, they actually made steel here! (Submitted by Kathleen Loebig, Greenfield)
Still Phanum Steel Phantom. The fastest roller-coaster in the world, located at Kennywood Park. (Submitted by Mar-Jean Zamperini, Pittsburgh)
Stoop Concrete steps in front of your Norside house where a porch should be. (Submitted by Lori Costa, Pittsburgh)
Stover Jammed finger. The catcher got a stover from the wild pitch. (Submitted by Marty Dehn, York, PA)
Stree Car Street Car. The trolleys that used to pass through my little portion of Carrick. (Submitted by Gary Bennett, Sacramento, CA)
Stuff Cabbidge Stuffed cabbage. A favorite holiday mill usually served with sahr kraht and kilbassy. (Submitted by Traci Bair, Boston, MA)
Submarine Races A good excuse to take your date “parking” in a secluded spot along one of the rivers. Hey, Babe, wanna go watch the submarine races down by the Mon? (Submitted by Linda Musthaler, Houston, TX)
Sucker Bite Hickey, love bite. Yinz got a sucker bite at the submarine races, huh? (Submitted by Paula Davidson, Morristown, NJ)
Suicide The drink you make while bored at the Sheetz. Includes every kind of pop there is! (Submitted by Beth Andrews, Arizona State University)
Sumpin Something. Jawant sumpin ta eat? (Submitted by Rich Kier, Lompoc, CA)
Surp Syrup. Yinz need more surp for those pancakes? (Submitted by Joel Kmetz, Durham, NC)
Swap Swig. Lemme a swap of your pop. (Submitted by Michael Estner, Jacksonville, FL)
Sweeper Vacuum. Yinz go redd up your room wit a sweeper n’at. (Submitted by Jay Mohney, Columbia, MD)
T-towl Dish towel. Dry the dishes with a t-towl. (Submitted by Sandra Morris, Langley AFB, VA)
THANKSgiving ThanksGIVing in the rest of the world. (Submitted by Regina Larson, Detroit, MI)
Tagger Tiger. I seen a tagger at the Picksburg Zoo. (Submitted by Dea Harris, Pittsburgh)
Tahl Towel. Stillers fans, wave your Terrible Tahls! (Submitted by Bud Corr, Pittsburgh)
Tahr Tire. My Chevy Nova needs a new tahr. (Submitted by Pat Paris, Naples, FL)
Tahrarn Tire iron. Djuins see where I put dat tahrarn? (Submitted by Frank Tomasello, Harmony, PA)
Tahrs Towers. Large, tall metal structures. “Yinz could ditch the trasht car unner em electrical tahrs over air.” (Submitted by Brian Jensen, Ben Avon)
Takeela Tequilla. How do dem Mexicans drink that tekeela? (Submitted by Seth Madjericj, Whitaker, PA)
Tayduh potato. At a ressron yinz can git a baked tayduh ir frenge fries. (Submitted by Lucy Conant, Boston, Mass)
Tellypole Telephone pole. D’jew see dat sign on the tellypole over dere? (Submitted by Lou Dornetto, Charleston, SC)
Thunions With onions. Hawdjya like dat sammich? Thunions? (Submitted by Melody Meredith, Harmony, PA)
Tin foil Aluminum foil. The TV reception is flakin’ out! Git me some tin foil for the antenna! (Submitted by Jason Tang, Pittsburgh)
Tinnies Tennis shoes. Git dem tinnies awf da steps. (Submitted by Bob Underwood, Brookline)
Tire Tar. The black goop that is used to coat streets, roofs and undercoat cars. “Yins should usz some ‘Bug and Tire ra-mover’ to clin dat Z-Bart gunk off dah car.” (Submitted by Betty Brennan, North Hills)
Tobahgin A knit winter hat. Sam, don forgit yer tobahgin. T’snowin’! (Submitted by Dawn Ackerman, Los Angeles, CA)
Toll Tool. Like a hammer or screw driver. (Submitted by Rick Sunny, Napa, CA)
Torlet Toilet. (Submitted by Mary , Pittsburgh)
Tossle Cap Knit Cap. Worn in the winter, especially if it is long and has a “tossle.” “My tossle cap got stuckinna jaggers when I was sled ridin’.” (Submitted by Shaun Martin, New York)
Towel Tile. The ceramic stuff one puts on a baffroom wall or floor which makes it isier to clin up. Not to be confused with towel, the thing to fry your face. (Submitted by Rick Wexler, Philadelphia)
Tuhmaytuhs Tomatoes. What pizza sauce is made from. (Submitted by Bob Crispen, Decatur, AL)
UH-lies Allies. The Boulevard of the Uh-lies runs through Picksburgh. (Submitted by Jim Owston, Beckley, WV)
UM-brel-la Umbrella. um-BREL-la anywhere else (Submitted by Dave Casassa, Pittsburgh)
Ultahmative Ultimatum. My husband gave me an ultahmative about spending money. (Submitted by Laurie Sirko, Cenner Tahnship, Pa.)
Unce Ounce. He drank a 32-unce beer. (Submitted by Susan Randolph, Monroeville)
Ungion Onion. Put some ungion on my hoagie. (Submitted by Lorie Flading, Centreville, VA)
Vake Vacation. Wir takin ahr vake in Erol City dis summer. (Submitted by Mike Curran, Butler, PA)
Vinnie Pie Vincent’s Pizza. Originally in East Pittsburgh. The only pizza that tastes better when at its greasiest on top and dirtiest on the bottom! (Submitted by Tom & Sheila Denove, Orlando, FL)
Vitamin I Iron City Beer. I honestly dont know how you can drink that stuff. (Submitted by Timothy Hufnell, Parkersburg)
Voka Vodka.. Yinz git me a fitha voka et da state store. (Submitted by Tim Hornfeck, Bullhead City, AZ)
Wahr Wire. Git me some wahr, my muffler needs fixed. (Submitted by Sean Klinger, Clarion, PA)
Wedgie A Pizza/Steak Hoagie. (Submitted by Mike Rowe, Easton, PA)
Weggie or Hoover When someone sneaks up on you and yanks your underwear up out of your pants!. (Submitted by , )
Wills Wheels. Hey, those new wills are cool! (Submitted by T. McCarty, N. Charleroi)
Willy A stunt that causes the front of a vehicle to raise up off the pavement. Hey Stush, I kin pull willies all day long on my bike. (Submitted by Jake Robinson, New Brighton)
Windas Windows. Da windas need worsht. (Submitted by Mary Panza, Seattle, WA)
Winner Winter. The season between fall and spring. “It’s apposed to be rill cold this winner.” (Submitted by Shaun Martin, New York)
Woof Wolf. Large North American carnivore. “The woof went dahn to the crick and hahled at the moon.” (Submitted by Richard Wilton, Los Angeles, CA)
Worsh Rag Wash cloth. Ahz need a worsh rag for the shahr. (Submitted by Judy K., Monrovia, MD)
Worshin Macheen Clothes washer. That thing that takes an occasional noisy walk dahn the cellar. (Submitted by Lorraine Honeychuck, Pittsburgh)
Wraps Outerwear. Such as a winter coat, gloves, scarf, etc. “Yinz get your wraps on before going outside, it’s cold out.” (Submitted by Brian Walter, Austin, TX)
Wrench Tubs Laundry Tubs. Ya, we have them there wrench tubs dahn in are cellar. (Submitted by Frank Allen, Pittsburgh)
Wutter Water. Will you run the wutter for me so I can take a shahr. (Submitted by Valerie Musgrave, Pittsburgh)
Yard Apes Small children. Yinz two yard apes better settle dahn er yer gonna get a lickin’! (Submitted by John Brinkman, Cleveland, OH)
Yellower Highlighter. What you use to emphasize words or sentences. (Submitted by Night shift RN’s 10D, UPMC)
Yingiling Yuengling (beer). Youz guys got Yingiling on tap ‘nat ? (Submitted by Amy Vehar Yarnot, Bethel Park, PA)
Yinzer A Picksburgh native who talks right, n’at. (Submitted by Palmer Davis, Pittsburgh)
Youdge Huge. “That play was youdge! did yinz see ‘at? (Submitted by Paul Furiga, Pittsburgh)
Zapper¬† Flicker TV remote control. Wherez da zapper at so’s I can change the channel? (Submitted by Michelle Goldman, FL)


Study the MHS lists.  A test will be give at the next reunion.

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