From Barbara Williams Jackson

Good Morning,
Nice to hear from you with news of classmates.  I have been without internet since the 24th of March because I notified COX that I was moving on April 3rd, so they cut off all services in March!!!!  I got the tv back within hours but my phone was out for 3 days and I never got the internet back until yesterday.  So I’m delighted to let you all know, after 32 years, I have a new address!  I am renting a condo in Granby center, and everything is the same except the street address  –  46 Windmill Springs.  I do (unfortunately) have stairs to deal with, but my main floor has a bedroom and bath so I only need to do stairs for the laundry.  And the garage is near the kitchen!  Most rentals around here don’t have garages and I have 5 friends living within the complex.  I have more to move like food and clothes and my house need some work to be done before it can be put on the market (updating – no wallpaper and paint kitchen cabinets white).
I’m not sure about the reunion.  Flying isn’t an issue.  It’s   the drive from the airport.  I have to check with my cousins to see if I can get a ride or hire UBER??
“HI” to everyone!
Love,  Barbara Williams Jackson
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