A Lecture On Kennywood









Andy Quinn finally retired in 2020 after working for Kennywood for 40 years.  He was family and part owner and did well when they sold out.

A lecture on Kennywood by Andy Quinn, a former owner.

Recorded by DGY shooting a slideshow off of the wall……using a $20.00 pocket camera.
1 hr 13 min.   Long, but very interesting.
Andy used a ancient Kodak projector to project old Kodachrome slides  on the wall.

This is definately not a high defeination video, but a spur of the moment thing.

Intro is by Jim Hartman (deceased), a history expert on the West Mifflin, Pa area.

Watch this video and become a Kennywood expert.  This video includes many, many interesting facts about the changes through the years such as new owners, rides, pool, fires, utilities and costs to operate.  Much that only a former owner would know.



This is also a very good article.


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