I Love (?) New York

Tyler, 11; me and Dylan, 14. (my youngest son’s boys)











I Recently traveled to New York and thought I’d make a small contribution to our web site. Here it is….

New York, New York by Judy Leach

Sorry, Frank Sinatra, I don’t agree that it’s such a wonderful town. Taxi rides cost an arm and a leg; and the subway is all hurry, hurry, hurry. Also did a lot of walking, walking, walking, etc. Thank goodness I had two grandsons, Dylan and Tyler, to hold on to for balance.  On top of that; I had broken my foot the end of February and thought I’d leave the air-cast at home.  Big mistake. My foot hurt like the devil.  That’s what I get for trying to tough it out.

I did, however, enjoy visiting the World Trade Memorial.  Beautifully done.  Didn’t get a chance to go through the museum as the wait was about an hour, and with the bum foot, standing wasn’t an option. Also saw a performance by Cirque ‘d Soliel, “Paramour.” A song and high-flying, acrobatic play.  My 10-year-old grandson, Tyler, sat next to me, and kept saying “amazing” when the performers did their stunts.  I went to New York with my youngest son and his family, mainly to see my oldest granddaughter, Erin, perform in a ballet review. Her troupe did an excellent job with their modern ballet routine.

We were there four days, and I have walked enough to last me until September. All in all, the trip was costly, tiring; but enjoyable.  We didn’t visit the other main attractions, i.e., Empire State Bldg., Statue of Liberty, etc., as we have all been to New York before. Now I need a few days to recoup.

As a side note, La Guardia airport doesn’t measure up to Pittsburgh airport.  It’s always nice to come back home.

Webmaster’s note:  Judy was walking on a broken ankle and left her boot at home.  ????

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