Past Reunion Dates & Venue

5th Saturday 24-Aug-1963 Elks Club Charleroi, Pa

10th Saturday 10-Aug-1968 Elks Club Charleroi, Pa

15th Saturday 4-Aug-1973 Holiday Inn New Stanton, Pa

20th Saturday 22-Jul-1978 Seven Springs Champion, Pa

25th Saturday 6-Aug-1983 Seven Springs Champion, Pa

30th     No    1988

35th Saturday 31-Jul-1993 Sheraton Inn Pittsburgh, Pa

40th     No    1998

Decades Combined MHS Classes of 50-59
Saturday 6-Aug-2005 Southpointe Hilton Pittsburgh, Pa

50th Saturday 13-Sep-2008 Holiday Inn Washington, Pa

55th Saturday 6-0ct-2013 Crowne Plaza Washington, Pa

Special 75th Birthday    Saturday 19-Sep-2015 Salatino’s Café Charleroi, Pa

60th Silver Reunion  2018

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