Roule’s Ramblings 5-10-17

I’m reading a book about Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse (Empires of Light) and came across the name Edward Goodrich Acheson, the inventor of carborundum. He was born in Washington and lived in Monongahela where he built a plant to manufacture carborundum. His house on Main Street is a national monument.

I never heard of him and there was nary a mention of the Cincinnati Mine disaster at Courtney about 100 years ago and precious little mention about the Whisky Rebellion in our high school Pennsylvania history class. We did have to learn the names of all 67 counties, which will come in handy if I’m ever faced with a life-or-death situation.
Steamboats were built in California and John Allen Brashear of Brownsville was a noted astronomer and instrument builder.  His work is on display at an observatory in Pittsburgh. We could have studied the affect that Nemacolin had on the westward trek of pioneers. Who knew that Pittsburgh bristled with cannons during the Civil War in preparation for an invasion by Confederate forces? I’m sure there is much more.
Adams, Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver … .
The registrar at Pitt told me I would be handicapped as a student because I was graduated from Monongahela High.  I could complain about other classes, but as a student of history I’ll just stick with what I know.
As short-changed as we were in school, I’m amazed at how much our class has achieved and what we have accomplished. We may not be classified as the nation’s Greatest Generation but we’re the sons and daughters of that distinguished group and we can proudly stand with them.
Take a bow.
Robert Roule ’58
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