The “Roule” Cake from Judy

Cake D

by Judith Leach

For cake lovers and those of you with a sweet tooth here’s the lowdown on the Cake.
Growing up, my Mom worked part time at Friend-lee Bakery here in Mon City. One day she brought home a small sheet cake. WOW! It was so delicious. After that, we always had that cake for any special occasion. (My Mom was a good cook, but this was something she preferred to buy, not bake).

The cake was two layers. We liked a chocolate and a yellow layer. In between was the pineapple and nut filling. It was covered with a tasty, but not too sweet, icing, and a few decorative flowers.

Now that Friend-lee is no longer in business, I purchase the cake, by special order, from Cox’ Market, on Park Ave. The large sheet cake costs about $50.

I’m not sure why we started calling it the Bob Roule cake. I think was because Bob Roule mentioned it and Dennis followed up on it. It just stuck.  I know Bob lives in N. Carolina and doesn’t always get to appreciate eating this amazing confection, but we all certainly enjoy it.

So, we will be enjoying it again at our 2016 Annual Local Gathering  September 17th.  The cake, along with a few other Mon City purchases may not be available in other cities.  I know an aunt of mine, who lives in Fairless Hills, 20 m. from Philly, can’t get brick cheese, good Italian salami, chipped ham, or good New Eagle Bakery bread. (New Eagle Bakery has been sold and is not operating at this time.)  When in town, she also buys wine from the Ripepi Winery, located on Van Voorhis Lane.

It’s wonderful that we lived in a small town that has so many good things to remember. So the next time you are in the area, get a cake and a bottle of wine and have a party. And don’t forget to pick up a few of the other small-town goodies.

Hope to see you at the September get together. Let me know if you are attending.


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