Tomato War

7 ft Tall Dennis


12″ cukes.

Oh, yeah. a 1 pounder already!



Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.
Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.
Oh, I’d be red and I’d be sweet.
And I’d be yummy to eat.
Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.

Mr Dyer, Miss Styche, Mr Neil and Mr  Razzano are probably turning over in their graves about this poem.  (Subjunctive verbs)



7″ Italian tomato by Norma & Gene 2017


From Gene. 4″ across. Big, but slow to ripen.




Add sour cream and onions.


Aug 17 update. Now over 8ft high. Looks like some 1 and 2 pounders.

Genes vines are now 8ft high. H e will soon have to cut a hole in the roof.

Growing nicely ! Gene

A different type. DY

This tomato plant popped up in my rock garden. I did not plant it. It’s really deer food. They eat it as fast as it grows. ….Dennis


Little here, now over 8 ft high with tons of fruit.


The seeds were carried from Italy years ago. We think they are Brandywine heritage tomatoes coming from Germany to Italy to USA.

Gene’s tomatoes really look strong ! 

Gene has a monster growing.


5-1-2017 Gene’s tomatoes after the weekend at the river. They thrive at the river.

Gene’s tomatoes before their weekend vacation at the river.

.GENE HAS SPROUTS  4-24-2017

Gene Haywood (AKA Norma’s husband) plants his seeds.


.Day 3 Gene has 6 spouts..

Day 2.       4-25-2017 More sprouts for Dennis



Anyone else out there growing anything?  Send us pictures.


Several years ago.


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