Tomato War

Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.
Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.
Oh, I’d be red and I’d be sweet.
And I’d be yummy to eat.
Oh, I wish I was a tasty tomato.

Mr Dyer, Miss Styche, Mr Neil and Mr  Razzano are probably turning over in their graves about this poem.  (Subjunctive verbs)



This tomato dates back to 1885 !

These seeds were carried from Italy years ago. We think they are Brandywine heritage tomatoes coming from Germany to Italy to USA.

Gene’s tomatoes really look strong ! 

Gene has a monster growing.


5-1-2017 Gene’s tomatoes after the weekend at the river. They thrive at the river.

Gene’s tomatoes before their weekend vacation at the river.

.GENE HAS SPROUTS  4-24-2017

Gene Haywood (AKA Norma’s husband) plants his seeds.


.Day 3 Gene has 6 spouts..

Dennis lost the war.  I put out my sprouts for sun and something ate them. 

Mine are gone.

Day 2.       4-25-2017 More sprouts for Dennis



Anyone else out there growing anything?  Send us pictures.


Several years ago.


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