Update From Christine



Hi Classmates,

Hope all is well with everyone and that you are keeping safe.

I have a lot more free time since my husband passed. He was a bit of a collector of many things and since I have no interest in Swords, Asian collectibles, movie collectibles, especially Elvis, I am trying to get rid of them. Ugh.

He also had 5 guitars, about 5 amps, keyboard, and tons more of stuff like a collection of at least 500 movies….most never opened and over 5000 downloaded movies. LOL……. so I guess if I am bored I can always watch a movie.

My kids insist I come to Pa. for my 80th birthday, but wow….to fly during the holidays on Jan. 1st would not be easy.  I haven’t been home for Christmas for many, many years.

Christmas giving is always a problem with 7 grandkids and 15 great grand kids…. but I am so blessed that they are all happy and halthy. I do call and face chat but it’s just not the same without a hug. Lets all hope next year is a safe and healthy year and we get to see each other again..

Your friend
Christine Skinkis McNees

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