Fireworks Jack

A 4th of July Story from the year 2015 for you from Dennis.

Did I ever tell you the story of ‘Fireworks Jack’ who lives on the road below me.  On every July 4th, I would sit on my deck, drink a beer and watch his fireworks display rise up and burst in front of me.  It was very impressive!

Jack would make arrangements with the Police to go to the other end of the Borough while he set off a $1,000 worth of fireworks.  So, Jack has to go to Ohio to buy PA illegal fireworks and asked to borrow my truck.  I was nervous as they confiscate trucks at the border.

While here to pick up the truck, I asked if he has hoses, fire extinguishers and big barrels with liners for the rubbish at his house. He said no, so I loaned him a 50ft hose, 3 of my big 30 pounder house extinguishers and 2 plastic drums and liners for trash.

Wait for it.

He caught the neighbors roof on fire and put it out with my 3 extinguishers.  He brought back the truck with an empty gas tank, the 3 extinguishers were empty and the 2 barrels were full of rubbish.

He said, Thanks.

That was the last of Fireworks on our block.

 No good deed goes unpunished.


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