Update from Judy 7-1-24

New Address
110 Chess Street  Apt 410
New Eagle, Pa  15067

Phone the same.  724-810-6580

eMail the same.  bandjl1@comcast.net

Hi Classmates,

I’ve been in my new place for one month now and getting the hang of it.

It’s much smaller, but is certainly big enough for me. (Living room is 12×14, bedroom is 11×13)   I’m on the top floor (fourth) so I told my kids I have a penthouse apartment.

The building is on the site of the old Monongahela hospital (in New Eagle) and my balcony (20×4-1/2) looks out on River Hill and the river.


The first night I went out on the balcony around 7:30 to sit for a few, and accidently locked myself out there. The sliding screen door lock dropped down and I couldn’t get it to open. Thank goodness I had my cell with me or I’d have been yelling over the balcony for help. I called my friend on the third floor and she said she would call the lady who had the master key. Well, 10 mins. later she called back and said the lady couldn’t find the key; so she was calling the handyman (who doesn’t live on site).  Barb said he would be here in 25 mins. So I sat and waited. What else could I do.

Finally he came and had a heck of a time getting the screen door open. I asked him to remove the locking device so it wouldn’t happen again. He chuckled, but he did the job.

So that was my first day’s adventure; At least it had a good outcome. I guess that’s the way life goes as we get older.

If I have any more exciting adventures, I’ll be sure to post them.

Hope everyone is well and living the good life. Keep healthy, be safe.

Bye for now


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