MHS1958 Privacy Policy Statement

This statement applies to the entire website and database.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. The following statement will help you understand how the MHS1958 Association handles the information you provide to us on our website and address database.

We collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information by way of submissions, comments or replies.

A name and address database is maintained and in the care of Priscilla Webb for the purpose of producing labels for the Newsletter.  Priscilla also maintains an eMail list for the purpose of sending announcements to the classmates.  Committee members may also have access to this list for MHS1958 Association business only.  Your information contained on these databases will not be published or divulged for any reason in any form (hard copy-digital-audio) without your prior approval. The information on this database will never be posted to our web site, nor anywhere else, unless permission is granted.

We do not share any information with any third party for any reason.

You may opt out and have your information and picture completely purged from our records by mailing a written request to Priscilla. You may choose to have your name removed from any page of the website by eMailing  Priscilla.

Submissions: By you submitting an article for publication or personally posting a comment or reply to our web site, you hereby agree to automatically give us authorization to use your name and eMail address.  We have received individual permission to list MHS1958 Association committee member names and eMails on the website.

US Postal mail and/or eMail directed to Committee members will be treated as private unless permission is specifically given to share and publish.

This policy statement may change from time to time as needed.

Updated 1-1-2023   Priscilla Webb

Click on this link to print the MHS1958 Privacy Policy