It’s been many years since we walked across the old gym floor to pick up our diplomas. Little did we know that was just the beginning? We would do more. Whatever our joint goals or personal goals have been since that June day, we have stuck together and accomplished them. When asked for help, we’ve stepped in and have done our part. We’ve also played a major role in the communities that we call home. It’s a record for which we can all take pride.  We’re eternally connected – a cohesive group of great people.

Bob Roule  05-23-2023 RIP



The 65th Luncheon Reunion

was Thursday, Sept. 28th 2023

1 p.m. at the River House in Charleroi 

Front: Priscilla Davis Webb. Darlene Spinner McBurnie. Joy Gandley Bellicini. Connie Mamie Vlah. Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan. Gloria Aulicino Wineland. . . . . .Back: Wilson Walters. Judy Leach. Donna Hess. Rosemary Bindi Sanderson. Marcia Papak Brown. Mary Etta Petras Mayak. Suzi Wall McCann. Dennis Yerkey. Gaynell Shepherd. Shirley Jurofcik Amon. John Bellicini. Christine Skinkis McNees. James Donovan.