And you think 85 is old…Ha!

Eighty Five years old!  No eyes left, no ears, no teeth, no legs, no wind!

 And when all is said and done, how astonishingly well one does without them!

Poet Paul Claudel

Front: Priscilla Davis Webb. Darlene Spinner McBurnie. Joy Gandley Bellicini. Connie Mamie Vlah. Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan. Gloria Aulicino Wineland. . . . . .Back: Wilson Walters. Judy Leach. Donna Hess. Rosemary Bindi Sanderson. Marcia Papak Brown. Mary Etta Petras Mayak. Suzi Wall McCann. Dennis Yerkey. Gaynell Shepherd. Shirley Jurofcik Amon. John Bellicini. Christine Skinkis McNees. James Donovan.