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Norma – Highest river water in 10 years.

Norma – High river water 4-11-2024

First snow. 1-6-2024

Norma’s Grand Daughter is a hunting girl.

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Four Generations

Four Generations. Bill Mullen, Norma Mountain Haywood holding Victor Newman, Erin Mullen Newman.  6-19-2023


Norma’s Great Grandson 4 Months 5-30-23

Bucolic river scene from Norma 5-18-2023





New Year

The Yerkey Turkey




Judy Russell family




John Koval’s daughter’s mini horse, Annie.


Swan River by Norma

Snowball by Gene

Iceburgs creeping up from the river.


Allegheny River Frozen Over — Norma


Dennis J, Lola, Dennis G, Denise and Danelle



Bob Roule & Judy Soloman 1955

Sister Gary Wassel

Greaser Gary Wassle

“Peanuts” Dragone & Elaine Panseri


Marcia Papak, Judy Soloman & Carol Long


First time ever that we have seen a pair of eagles together. Long distance shot. Norma 10-15-2017

Committee meeting 5-2-2017


Love Birds


.Canonsburg Eagles

            Eagle image sent in by David Debar.
           The eagles are apparently creating quite an attraction in this area.
           Very nice work, David !

Cannonsburgh Eagles DeBar 2rs




Please send us photos.   Norma



Stork B

We sit on our deck with a margarita and pretend we are in Florida.



Lunch Bunch 8-9-2016


Thelma (Wilson) Lutes 4 Generations Pictured Thelma-Daughter Debbie- Grand Daughter Nicole-Great Grand daughter Addilynn Ball 6 weeks


4 Weeks Old



First Great grandson for Jay and Rose Marie Ambrose Donovan 7 lb 2 oz. Really sweet little boy.






SnapShot 1193

It’s Stiller time yinz all. Thelma Lutes


SnapShot 1192

Hello from Jean Hahn 6-29-2016

Pris Pic

From Priscilla. My oldest grandson, Ben, and my hubby, Max, at our daughter’s in Tennessee 3-2016.


Christine and friends. I can’t figure out a caption for this.



Up river, looking North.


Gene & Norma at the River House 5-29-2016

Ohio Moon may 2016

At Ohio farm. Norma















crabapple blossoms

At Ohio farm. Norma


Walnut Bend Eagle on nest (3)

Walnut Bend Eagle on nest. From Norma River House

Burya IMG_0154

Dave Burya’s Grandsons David-Jeff-Mike











Thelma 04052016











Snow on the mountain Oct 2015

This is a photo of the mountain across the river from our summer house this fall.  It snowed on top of the mountains, but only at a certain elevation.
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