Pet Photos




Norma’s Bandit Gang



Norma’s cat reading a book.


Short Fat Fanny is watching Norma do needlepoint.


Geese on the River – Norma


Black Squirrel in Ohio Norma 12-20-2020

Rare Black Squirrel in Ohio Norma 12-20-2020====Black squirrels are a melanistic subgroup of squirrels with black coloration on their fur. The phenomenon occurs with several species of squirrels, although it is most frequent with the eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger). Black morphs of the eastern gray and fox squirrels are the result of a abnormal pigment gene. Several theories have surfaced as to why the black morph occurs, with some suggesting that the black morph is a selective advantage for squirrels inhabiting the northern ranges of the species, with the black-fur providing a thermal advantage over its non-melanistic counterpart.


Now I know where the seed and nuts are going. DY


Speedy…..Norma’s turtle at the river.


Roy is back after a six weeks stay in the woods !



Bucky…… Norma’s pet beaver on the Allegheny river.


Blackie…… Norma’s black squirrel at the River House. Photo by Norma



John Koval’s daughter’s mini horse, Annie

Here kitty, kitty. Obesita…….a 30 pound cat. Photo by DY


Lulu……..You lookin’ at me? Photo by DY


John Koval’s youngest daughter Tracey (with sunglasses) with one of the Budweiser Clydesdales (2200 lbs of Horsepower).


Eagle eating a fish. Yum, yum. Photo by Norma


From Connie Vlah – Grand Daughter Carly and new dog Kobie


Kingfisher near the river at Norma’s river house. (from far away)


Hyslops watching the eclipse.


Pixie – by Bob Roule


Norma’s neighbor caught a nice walleye. Photo by Norma



Petee w name

Petee Photo by DY



Jean Hahn & Sasha


Photo by Arlene





Koval's daughter's horses and dogs

Koval’s daughter’s pets.


Kay and LD reading the paper. While we were building our house and driving down I-85 about 4 times a week, we thought to teach our dog to drive. His name is LD. Lost Dog. He found us in May 2009. And is the best pet ever

LD learning how to clip coupons.

Richard Hyslop and LD driving the boat

LD learning how to pilot watercraft.

Hyslop's dog, LD

LD learning how to drive. Hyslop

John Koval's Cricket and Banjo

Cricket & Banjo John Koval


John Koval’s horse, Rowdy


John Koval’s Christmas present, Grover


John Koval’s Missouri Mule. Grover is his name, stubborn is his game.


John Koval’s wife Sina’s horse – Bella


John & Buckey

John with Dog in left hand, Bucky













Lucy D

LucyFur. You looking at me?   We found her in a ditch near our house when she was a kitten, about 12 years ago.  She knows everything that is going on.  She just doesn’t care. Norma




Cat with flash


Our newest cat is a stray that rescued us! She was waiting on our front porch when we came home from shopping one day. We are still deciding on an appropriate name. She is a Munchkin mix and has very short legs. We can’t decide between Lilly because she is a Lilliputian or Short Fat Fanny because she is both short and fat.


Old black dog, old white dog.

DGY & JJ with names B

I inherited JJ when Lola’s Father died. He was my buddy for 4 1/2 years. I had to put him down at 11 years due to medical complications. He was a great buddy.



















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