From Dave Burya

From: David Burya

Oh yes, I’m going to be 80 in September…..his name is Greg Krill

Date: July 3, 2020 at 1:33:44 PM EDT Subject: MHS story
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July 3, 2020

I thought I’d share what I think is a nice little experience I had. I recently decided to find a new primary physician here in South Fort Myers. I had a great first visit, as he was thorough, professional, with good people skills. He came across like an old friend.Before I decided on him, I saw he had done his undergrad work at Pitt, and medical school at Temple. During the visit we’re chatting and he asks where I’m from.

I told him I was born in Pittsburgh at Magee Hospital, and grew up in Washington County about a mile north of Finleyville.

Well, it turns out he went to MHS, graduated in 1974, lived about 3 miles out of Monongahela in Carroll Township in a house that was in the woods behind Jack’s Tavern.
     Webmasters note:  Everyone knows where Jack’s is located!
Thought I’d share with all.



Oh, I’m going to be 80 in September…..his name is Greg Krill
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